Rejuvenation Water Store

We offer plant-based functional drinks enriched in amino acids and hydrating electrolytes*, providing refreshment and nutrition without compromising on macro health or taste.

Still or Sparkling Water

Rejuvenation Water offers a still 500ml British spring water range and a 250ml sparkling water range. Both ranges are fully recycable.

Water obviously hydrates the body on it’s own, but it can take some time to do so, slowly getting absorbed as it travels through the digestive system before into the blood stream to nourish organs and muscles.

This is where the Rejuvenation Water hydration+ range comes in. We’ve designed the hydration+ range to create a specific ratio of electrolytes, with a small amount of natural sugar, to speed up the absorption of water in the digestive system. Our plant-based, innovative ranges are free of artificial sweeteners, flavours and colours and all ranges are low in sugar and calories.